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  •                                            Francis Bacon

    magistral ce tableau !*

     restes de l'humanité

    * une ultime figure à la base d'une cruxification ? 

    la suite serait à placer ici , les textures et lumières de:

        klein, tapiès, soulages,...même le archi-contemporain luc tuymans 


    Francis Bacon

    Blood on the Floor
    - Painting, 1986


          This strikingly simple theme of a splash of blood on the floor, treated on a monumental scale, is characteristic of Bacon's late work, where he reduces to a minimum so as to attain maximum effect. There is an anecdote that this painting was inspired by blood left on the floor by John Edwards, after a fracas, but Bacon would have considered this an irrelevance.

          Bacon has heightened the shock of the blood on the sand-colored floor by juxtaposing it against a fierce orange background, where all sense of three-dimensional space is deliberately negated. Such points of reference as the hanging light bulb and toggle, and the wall switch seemingly suspended from its conduit, only increase one's sense of disorientation.

    Dennis Farr, Francis Bacon: A Retrospective, 1999

    voir la galerie francis bacon en ligne : plus de 650 reproductions :         http://www.francis-bacon.cx/

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